Where is home for my heart and the ones to share life and love with? Where can I hide from the storm that’s raging out there in the concrete jungle? Where are the forces and beauties of nature that make me feel alive? I want to be with them as a part of everything, not a superior race being served by it. When the colorful play in early morning sky wakes me up from a dream and the first thing I feel is the wetness of morning dew, when trust is the only roof I need, then I feel my heart beat, and mother nature speak.

I have to go far, somewhere she isn’t but others like her. Somewhere free, simple, naked, raw and beautiful! I need to fear the waves but run towards them so they hit me harder. Need to loose the ground; be natures thrown around toy. I need screams come burst out of me. Uncontrolled just from feeling life happening inside myself and together with everything. I only need a little and everything I need is enough. I want to rely on finding whatever I’m supposed to have and run into the dark with that certainty. And life will prove once again that if I walk with trust, there will be a way.

I’ve been through the days of deep loneliness on the road, so dark, they make me believe that it wouldn’t make a difference if I fell off this cliff and disappeared. But it feels worth it walking through these tales for the peaks I will be flying on, the inspiration I can get and be for others. Because being on the straight and stable money making highway makes me a dead person long before my body dies. 

Try imagining a place where it’s alway safe and warm. „Come in“ she said, „I’ll give you, shelter from the storm. Bob Dylan