In the middle of the desert of Israel, surrounded by vast land and army bases, a small Oasis is home to an ever changing group of around 40, mostly young people. They live together in a community that was inspired by the Ashrams of Osho, a spiritual teacher from India. For some in the growing scene of spiritual seekers in Israel and people from all over the world, it has become a refuge, a place to start from scratch for those who struggle to find meaning and a place to grow in a performance focused society, in a state of constant conflict.

Those who dare, strip off expectations from outside, fears from failure, scream at traumas from the past and dance in ecstasy. They are on the way to find their inner child that is curious again and fearless to try something new, knock its head and try again.
On this intensive path to self love, a spiritual connection, love for others and something to live for, everybody is going through their own process. They meditate in silence and expressive dance, work together, share their feelings, have conflicts and love affairs that confront them face to face, every day.

I went to the Ashram after cutting my strings to Berlin, where I lived for the last eight years. I was on the search for another kind of living and people to share it with. In the ones I photographed I saw myself in a past or the present moment. My own feeling of being lost, fears, exhaustion, longing for lovebut also hope and strength lied in these eyes. The journey of photographing this series was a beautiful experience of closeness to myself and the ones who I could speak through.


Shot on 35mm Kodak Film in 2016