Born in 1987, I grew up in the west of Germany between extinct volcanos, forests and fields. With my first teacher in photography, I travelled across the country and got access into many different corners of our society. I left shyness behind and learned to interact with carpenters, scientists and chairmen.

In 2012, I began to work with analogue cameras as well as the process of developing and printing Black/White images in the darkroom. My relationship to photography became more intimate through this reflected way of working with different kind of old cameras. I began to understand photography as something I could express myself with and take others on a journey to people and their souls.

The studies at ‚Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie’ in Berlin taught me to search for the truth in things, to dig deeper until I would find the core of what I really care about, in life and when taking a photograph.

Being on the road, feeding myself with new impressions of the lands and the people has always been a constant need for me. The freedom of going to wherever intuition brings me, living only with the most necessary things, out in the nature or a different culture is the most giving source of creativity and life energy for me. Today I commute between Europe and the rest of the world, photographing and life loving.

Get in touch about collaborations, prints and whatever comes to your mind.   //  +49 1577 3903277