„For us you are god“ said a young boy in the street. Seen as such, invitations for chai, conversations and events come all the time when walking around in areas of India where not a lot of white people come by.

On a walk through Satara, a small city in Maharashtra we got invited to join the Pehlwani Wrestling training at5 o’clock the next morning. As the first light fell through the holes in the walls, young men were training in a pit, guided by a Pehlwani Master teacher who turned his back to the training ground as the youngsters had their turn.

On another trip, we ended up in a school that was just being inspected. Four men set on the stage, watching and rating one group performance after another. From a western point of view, a lot of what’s going on in Indian schools doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.


Shot in 2014 in Maharashtra, India