I have to go far, somewhere she isn’t but others like her. Somewhere free, simple, naked, beautiful and raw! I need to fear the waves but run towards them so they hit me harder. Need to loose the ground; be natures thrown around toy. I need screams come burst out of me, uncontrolled just from feeling life happening inside myself and together with everything. I only need a little and everything I need is enough. I want to rely on finding whatever I’m supposed to have and with that certainty run into the dark. And life will prove once again that if trust is the way I walk on, there will be no end to it.

I've been through the days of deep loneliness on the road, so dark, they make me believe that it wouldn’t make a difference if I fell down this cliff and disappeared. But it feels worth it walking through these tales for the peaks I will be flying on, the inspiration I can get and be for others. Because being on the straight and stable money making road makes me a dead person long before my body comes to die. 

Greece, 2014